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Tools & Hacks for Healthy Hair (Natural Haircare)

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My Favourite Hair Tools & Hacks: I love taking care of my hair and over the years I’ve discovered many tools that have made the process a lot easier! In this article I will share some of my favourite…

Cassia Obovata for Healthy Hair : My Experience

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Cassia Obovata for Healthy Hair: I thought it was about time I tried a Cassia treatment on my hair! Cassia Obovata is an Ayurvedic herb that can be used as a natural haircare treatment to achieve healthy, strong,…

Herbal Hair Rinses for Healthy Hair (DIY Natural Haircare)

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Herbal Hair Rinses for Healthy Hair: Herbal hair rinses are a *must* in my natural haircare routine! Depending on the herbs you use, herbal hair rinses can help relieve scalp conditions (like dandruff), enrich your hair color/enhance natural highlights…